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Aztec Calendar Key Check 3D All Over Printed Key Holder. Categories include product type: Wooden Key Holder. This product is about Wooden Key Holder, Aztec, Calendar, Key Check
The Aztec culture is one that is both fascinating and inspiring. It has so much to offer, and it is one that is well worth learning more about. There are many aspects of the Aztec culture that are worth exploring, and this collection will highlight some of the most interesting ones. We, AM Style, are officially launching The Aztec Key Holder Collection to honor Aztec culture.


Aztec Mythology is really fascinating. There is so much known, and yet so much hidden from us, by a society that existed not so long ago. As AM Style, our mission is to create a place in which everyone can embrace what they’re passionate about and connect with one another all over the world. Therefore here we are – the one and only AM Style for all you need. In AM Aztec, we do not only provide those fascinating traits of the Aztecs in general but also help you to show the world the unique facets of yours only. 

Unique feature

  • Each item is specially made, so there is no unsold stock that should be destroyed.
  • Every item is made only for you, one and the only thing in particular, in this way you can have the best experience ordering here with Am Style.

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  • All Artwork is Authentic, Original, and Exclusive. Available through Am Style Design
  • We Support Independent Artists. Smaller upcoming artists as well as the more established artists worldwide.
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Product information

Materials: Metal, Wood

Height: 11 inch

Width: 5 inch

Depth: 0.31 inch

Always losing your keys just as you are in a hurry to go out? Our stylish but functional wall-mounted key holder could be the solution.
Can be Personalised to Have your family name, a couple's names, or just simply say Keys.
Available in a choice of seven different wood finishes, it has five small black hooks, it gives more than enough space for everyone to store their keys in a safe and obvious place. Practical but stylish, this will make an eye-catching addition to any home.

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