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Native American Teepee And Totem Pole Customized 3D All Over Printed Wood Pallet Sign. Categories include product type: Wood Pallet Sign. This product is about Love Is Friendship, Teepee And Totem Pole.

Native American 

With more than 560 federally recognized tribes in the US alone, Native Americans represent a diversity of languages, locations, traditional practices, indigenous knowledge, and spiritual beliefs. Am Style understands their trauma, therefore, we need to do something, through our design, to contribute and spread their messages farther and wider.

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Product Information 

  • It is suitable for decorating coffee shops, parties, living room, bedroom, front door, dining room, bathroom, kitchen, office, hotel…
  • Made from pine wood.
  • 1cm thick pine wood.
  • A 1m rope.
  • Two hangers.
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