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Cthulhu Aztec Mythology We have been reading Aztec folklore for quite a while and never acknowledged how complex the god frameworks could be. A "compound" of certain prevailing divine beings may have facilitated many different divine beings and different manifestations of a similar god. We found that there was a manly form of Tlaltecuhtli. Not just that, there were a few adaptations of it… one of them I found interesting to me for reasons other than simple Archeology or Art. I "found" out that there was a striking similarity to H.P. Lovecraft Great Cthulhu! Our artist JJ - one and the most stunningly talented graphic designers in town, has an excellent knowledge about the very Aztec mythologies as well as the capacity to bring her own visualization to reality. Thanks to that, we all can see the most extraordinary design of the Aztec version of Cthulhu on our site. We happily launching this item for you only, let's get it!!!

Aztec Mythology is really fascinating. There is so much known, and yet so much hidden from us, by a society that existed not so long ago. As AM Style, our mission is to create a place in which everyone can embrace what they’re passionate about and connect with one another all over the world. Therefore here we are – the one and only AM Style for all you need. In AM Aztec, we do not only provide those fascinating traits of the Aztecs in general but also help you to show the world the unique facets of yours only

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